Dr. Sophie Armstrong

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr. Sophie Armstrong is a Specialist Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician. She completed her specialist training with the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians, has a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine from Bath University (UK), and completed her Medical Degree at Cardiff University in Wales.  

Sophie is a co-Director of North Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, the first multidisciplinary Sport and Exercise Medicine clinic in Australia, she also consults at Hills Sports Medicine.

Sophie provides specialist Sport and Exercise Medicine care to all ages of recreational and elite athletes, injured workers, and to those trying to keep active in day-to-day life.

Keeping patients active and healthy is fundamental to Sophie’s management; this encompasses a collaborative and patient centered approach and prompt communication to all involved practitioners.  

Patients can expect a sound overview and understanding of their condition with an appropriate strategy moving forward.

A former elite athlete herself, Sophie is passionate about women in sport and currently holds the position of Head Doctor for Giants Netball and Chief Medical Officer for Sydney FC.

Before this, Sophie was Netball Australia’s Chief Medical Officer and Head Doctor to the Australian Netball Diamonds. During her 6 years with the Diamonds, they were ranked World Number 1, winning multiple Gold medals and Championships.

Sophie was also a member of the Australian Medical Team at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and has worked with many elite and professional athletes from a variety of sports and teams.

When Sophie isn’t treating patients, she enjoys time with her family, keeping fit, and spending time by the ocean or on the ski slopes.

What is a Specialist Sport and Exercise Physician?

Firstly you do not have to be an elite or professional athlete to see a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician!

Sport and Exercise Physicians are doctors who have completed specialist medical training in the management of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries and illnesses in the active population as well as exercise prescription in the management and prevention of chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Sport and Exercise Physicians work with every individual to help them enjoy all the benefits of physical activity in a safe and enjoyable way.

All Sport and Exercise Physicians have experience in looking after elite athletes and teams and apply these principles to the management of all patients, whether they are recreational, adolescent, or disabled athletes, manual works or those with or without chronic diseases simply wanting to safely manage their activity levels.

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